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Fellowes Star Plus 150 Manual Comb Binding Machine

When it comes to binding your publications, finding a great machine that can get the job done the first time around is much more complicated than it seems. There are just so many different comb binding machines available on the market today, for example, that you can choose so it can become overwhelming when you have to narrow the list down to just one specific model.

However, Fellowes has made this search process must easier to complete by developing the Fellowes Star Plus 150 Manual Comb Binding Machine. This particular unit comes fully equipped with premium features that make it fairly easy to distinguish from all of the other comparable models being developed by competing brands.

Built for Speed and Quality

One of the biggest benefits of this particular model that are applauded and praised by industry analysts, critics and customers alike is the fact that it is clearly built for both speed and quality. There are many other comparable models that are great at either providing quality or speed, but very few that have proven to be very efficient in both of these areas. The Fellowes Manual Binding Machine is towards the top of that short list.

It is perfectly designed for small business offices and is easy to use, allowing even the most inexperienced users to continuously bind and punch their documents and publications with very little difficulty. Studies have proven that it is capable of punching up to 12 sheets all at the same time and also bind over 100 sheets with a crisp .75-inch comb.

Fellowes Star Plus 150 Manual Comb Binding Machine review

Fellowes Star Plus 150 Manual Comb Binding Machine

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Cutting Edge Technology for Alignment

The patented Star Plus technology allows you to be able to center your documents time after time whenever you have to bind them. This is something that is extremely difficult to manage and maintain manually with other comparable models, but Fellowes has been able to resolve this problem with the Fellowes Star Plus 150 Manual Comb Binding Machine. Since it allows customers to load their documents vertically, it is much easier to accurate punch holes and bind publications without having to fix any loose pages and also misaligned holes that may have been produced by mistake.

Everything You Need in One Package

The Fellowes Star Plus 150 Manual Comb Binding Machine is also a great investment, because customers are provided with everything that they will need to get started using this machine right away when they purchase it. The measuring tool that comes along with this machine allows you to select the perfect comb size for each of your documents. The machine comes fully equipped with an integrated storage tray that makes it even easier for you to directly excess your spare combs and keep everything organized.

If you have no idea where to even begin when it comes to using this binding machine, you do not have to worry because Fellowes has provided all of the informational guides that you will need to get you started on the right foot as well. You will receive a guide specifically to help you assess document thickness as well as an instruction manual that will walk you through being able to efficiently use this product overall.

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