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Fellowes Star Manual Comb Binding Machine

Since first opening their doors, the staff and employees that work at Fellowes have always had the primary objective of developing top-quality products that could fulfill the needs of their top-quality customers. Even though there is a wide variety of other companies that have developed binding machinery and equipment for home and office use in the past, Fellowes decided to step the bar of expectation up a few notches by forcing their competitors to work even harder at developing cutting-edge equipment to try and gain a competitive advantage, a good example of this is the Fellowes Star Manual Comb Binding Machine.

Going Above and Beyond Expectations

However, time and time again, they have outdone themselves, making it harder and harder for other companies and manufacturers to come even close to the quality, stylish design and efficiency that they are able to provide within each of their products. Take, for instance, the Fellowes Star Manual Comb Binding Machine.

Even though it is not as advanced as some other Fellowes models, such as the Fellowes Star Plus, this particular model is still able to beat many of its competitors when it comes to providing the level of quality that customers depend on producing with each job without forcing consumers to empty their bank accounts in order to do so.

Fellowes Star Manual Comb Binding Machine review

Fellowes Star Manual Comb Binding Machine

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Efficient Design for Light Workloads

As mentioned earlier, the Fellowes Star Manual Comb Binding Machine is a pretty standard model that does not come with many of the premium features and capabilities of more advanced, deluxe models. It was primarily designed to handle light workloads for small businesses that truly do not need a commercial-grade binding machine but still enjoy commercial-grade quality and efficiency overall. Even though it is not able to handle as much work at one time, it still does a great job at getting the work done in a timely fashion. It is able to punch up to 10 different sheets within a single job and can bind 150 sheets tightly and secure with a comb that measures ¾ inches.

Vertical Loading and Precise Measurement

Two additional benefits that can be enjoyed and explored further after purchasing the Fellowes Star Manual Comb Binding Machine is the vertical document loading system that is built into this device as well as the integrated measurement device. The vertical document loading system was specifically designed to make it much easier for you to accurately align all of your punches with every single document that you decide to have bound. There is even a rotary edge guide that allows you to center your documents with easy, precision and very little difficulty.

One of the Best Models Available

If you have a small business office or really do not need to use a binding machine frequently throughout the day, then your money will be best spent investing in the Fellowes Star Manual Comb Binding Machine. It provides clear, evidential proof that Fellowes has been able to successfully fulfill the needs of all of their customers – even the ones that really do not have an urgent need for their products. This particular model provides you with all of the basic standards and capabilities that you may need for a very affordable price.

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